Monday, November 16, 2009

Prom Queen Geeks by Laura Preble

Back Cover: It's prom season, and Green Pines High is split- between those perfecting their strapless tans for the big night, and those who'd have to sell a kidney to afford the ticket. Instead of staying in to watch Buffy reruns, the Queen Geeks decide to throw the first-ever Geek Prom, a low-cost, delightfully high-drama alternative. It'll be loads of work, especially with the popular kids doing everything they can to stop it. Friendships among the QGs will be tested, boyfriends jilted, and feelings hurt. But when they expand the Geek Prom beyond Green Pines, hoping to make it the biggest virtual prom ever, the girls realize they're not just doing it for themselves- they're doing it for all geeks everywhere... Continuation of the last book and it was great! I love how Shelby decided to just go to both I mean really how could someone not notice that you were gone for an hour then there for a few minutes half an hour then gone again. It was hilarious when she found out they both knew and I totally didn't expect that to happen! But it was def fun. The one thing is that damn Becca only wants her way jeeez! lol The prom isn't all that bad, for me it wasn't. It's just how you look at the generalized picture of it and mine def wasnt that! But it was a cute book and love the characters, especially of course Euphoria. I love just reading that name for some reason haha oh but the cover is cute, but the legs to me look weird like its a relaly small person or a little kid dont even ask hahaha

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