Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global Perspectives A Handbook for Understanding Global Issues by Ann Kelleher and Laura Klein

Preface: Global Perspectives: A Handbook for Understanding Global Issues has been designed to help readers answers important questions about the contemporary world, such as Why the thousands of cultural groups in the world have such different customs and beliefs while human beings have so many needs in common Why a billion people on the planet are poor and malnourished Why it is so difficult to take action to solve the atmospheric problem of global warming Why some political conflicts results in war These questions represent many more that can be asked about the problems facing the world at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Issues arise from the trends of cultural diversity, economic interdependence and dependence, deterioration of the natural environment, and political conflict. These general, long-term issues become specific through events in the news. So this was for my anthropology class. This book was alright. It wasn't too hard to read. Some things were pretty interesting, some things I already have learned about, and some things were really boring. I don't really like the end part of the book which is about war. It's pretty confusing, especially the cases with all the different names of people and countries and conflicts and everything. Same with this book I'm reading right now about Darfur, but it's an alright book. And the two women who wrote it are my professors so that's pretty cool!

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