Sunday, November 22, 2009

Does This Book Make me Look Fat? Edited by Marissa Walsh

Front Flap: No, of course not. A book can't make you look fat. But the fact that you opened the cover means you're probably like the rest of us, feeling Fat Ugly Skinny Round Stacked or flat Bad or good All in the same day. Or the same hour. These fourteen stories and personal essays show you're in good company. Because whether they're being overlooked or being looked over, whether they're shopping in Women's Worl or still waiting to grown into their AA cups, the characters in these pieces reveal the truth. Trying on jeans sucks for everyone. This was a really great book with lots of stories that are touch the heart. A lot of unqiue stories in one place. There's a poem story, a comic book, stories of being fat of being too skinny of having a huge butt of not being confident. They're all things that we can relate to. It's so sad our need to have to look so great when alot of the world have to worry about finding food or being warm enough. I know I'm guilty of it but it does suck you have to be so freaking perfect damn I'm glad my boo isn't like that and loves me for me! And I hope every girl can find that guy who loves her no matter what. These stories are amazing and I wanted to read more!

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