Thursday, November 26, 2009

Love Off-Limits by Whitney Lyles

Back Cover: Natalie should be on top of world dating Jeremy. He's totally perfect by everyone's standards. But the seemingly flawless couple has been dating since freshman year, and now Natalie fears the spark may be sizzling. Being such an "expert" in love, Natalie gets coaxed into writing a romance column, and soon she finds spending time with her editor, Matt, to be way worth the work. There's just one catch. Matt is Jeremy's best friend, and dumping your boyfriend for his closest friend is just wrong... right? This was a cute book. I love the irony of her writing a love advice column and she has no idea what to do in her own relationship. It just goes to show how you can say some things but not really mean it or know what the heck you're talking about. Of course she like the best friend, a classic story! But it was gross when Jeremy like went on her lap and farted, twice! I'd be so pissed if my bf did that to me fer reals! But anyways, it was good. Def. the cover gives the picture away, especially how they describe Matt and at least she was happy. and all those Halloween costumes sounded so fun I can't believe Halloween went by so fast and it's already Thanksgiving, today actually! So HAPPY THANKSGIVING! to everyone, might do a post tomorrow, well probably will but just to say it now! Yum food, oh no fatness here I come haha

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