Sunday, November 1, 2009

Heart of Glass by Zoey Dean

Back Cover: High school is officially over, but the graduation celebration is cut short when unlikely pair Anna and Cammie find themselves in an even more unlikley situation- caught trespassing on a celeb's beach estate- and are forced to don steel handcuffs along with their Tiffany tennis bracelets. Luckily, the girls are spared a summer stuck in tacky orange jumpsuits when their hotshot lawyer lands them a cushy community service gig: helping plan a charity fashion show. But while it may seem like a plush job, Anna and Cammie are in for a challenge. can the girls handle the pressures of the vicious fashion world? Or will they fall to pieces faster than a Louis Vuitton knockoff? Great book! Def some crazy things going on that's fer shure. Especially at the end where Anna says she wants to date both guys in front of both of them? weird. And Poppy is gone, just what Sam wanted, while Champagne gets just what she wanted, a modeling job, because of Cammie. Wow, all these relationships and things going on because sof what one person did for the other! It's crazy haha. I wonder what's gonna happen with Adam, I have a feeling he's not gonna come back, he just keeps saying he loves it down there, sad for Cammie, especially since then she's gonna go after Ben, uh oh. Ben is such a troublesome character for the girls haha. But yeah, I liked the ideas in it and what happened with the charity fashion show thing sounded great, so randomly I read the next book in the series like months and months ago? So, I'll wait to read that again until after my little book goal cuz I can't put it on twice ya know?

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