Thursday, November 5, 2009

Picture Perfect by Catherine Clark

Back Cover: Name: Emily Matthias Phone: call me anytime! Date: I'd love one! Print Quality Um, a billion? I need pictures of everyone and everything. It's the Outer Banks- everything is photogenic here. Especially Blake. And Spencer. Size: They're tall. And handsome. Oh, you mean the photos? Film: Actually, yes, this summer would make an excellent movie. Single/double: Starting the vacation single. But maybe I'll find Prints Charming! This was a cute book. I totally guessed from the start that Spencer and Emily would get together, and that Spencer actually did go through freshman year already and it's his second time. I'm good right? :] But it was good, and it was very easy going and relaxing type read. That sounds like a fun family with friends and everything, even if it may seem embarrassing to the people in it, it sounds fun and cool to me! But what do I know right? haha. Cute cover too, I mean all these romance books are like the same, what's there to say about them besides them being cute and sweet and guy and girl always end up together, ya know. they're great though, a lot of them in the summer though haha but oh well. Trying not to read a whole bunch of summer ones in a row!

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