Thursday, November 5, 2009

Environmentalism A Global History by Ramachandra Guha

Back Cover: Environmentalism: A Gloabl History is an addition to the popular Longman World History Series, edited by Michael Adas. Written by one of the foremost thinkers on ecological issues relating to South Asia, this new text offers a cross-cultural and global survey of environmental thinking and the movements it has spawned. In this brief text, Ramachandra Guha identifies commonalities and differences in environmental thinking and activism through case studies. The experience of areas as diverse as the United Stated, the former Soviet Union, China, India, Africa, and Brazil provide an excellent overview of each country's strengths and contributions. Students will find Environmentalism: A Global History to be a lively and engaging study of ideas and debates on a topic that is central to our lives in the twenty-first century. I had to read this book for anthro. It was pretty interesting, but it did have a lot of data, like people and groups and countries and times and years! But it was cool it had included like actual documents from the groups or from a person or a poem, and good quotes from people. I guess this was more about the people and the history, then like learning about actual environmentalism itself, but yeah it was ok, boring at points, but not too bad. At least I understand it!

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