Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Model Behaviour by Geraldine Ryan

Back Cover: I'm a model. Hard to believe (especially for me) but true. I'm about to breeze my way out of A Levels and on to a magazine cover. Modelling- looks so easy, doesn't it? Pout sexily a camera, anyone can do that- if they're lucky enough to look like a giraffe with good cheekbones, of course. And I do. It's just that no one tells you what goes on behind the camera... UGH! Only good pictures were this one, I guess the book isn't that popular or maybe old I dunno, but who cares, it was a great book! The main chracter, Chloe, is a funny person. She doesn't think she can model, but then everyone loves her. Then she falls in love with a guy in an up and coming band, but he's not what she thinks he is. And of course eventually the paparazzi come in eventually and ruin things, but hey it was a fun model book and I enjoyed reading about her and her sister and just her life in general I guess! And it's from England so A Levels might be like the SAT for us? I dunno. And digestive biscuits, that just sounds weird. lol

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