Monday, November 9, 2009

Nicola and the Viscount by Meg Cabot

Back Cover: Nicola Sparks, sixteen and an orphan, is ready to dive headlong into her first glittering London society season. She's also ready to dive headlong into the arms of handsome and debonair Lord Sebastian Bartholomew. Nicola's dream is a proposal from the viscount- a dream she's about to realize at last! So naturally, Nathaniel Sheridan's insinuations about her fiance's flawed characters annoy her mightily. But when Nicola's natural curiosity gets the best of her, she begins to piece together a few things for herself. To her great surprise, Nicola realizes she's had the wrong viscount all along... but is it too late to make things right? I loved it! Because it's in a different time period, there's such different things how what's right and what's wrong and how someone is supposed to act! It's so great really. And I knew she'd end up with Nathaniel. It's always that other people can tell, but not the two people themselves. Nicola is so rash, that's crazy. That's norma nowadays. I always wonder what the turning point for that was, when women started acting that way and how it was ok for us to act like men I guess. But Nicola is great! And so is her attitude and she decided not to marry Lord Sebastian for a great reason, when he ended up being really bad news anyways, so go her! And the cover is cute, it's like me! haha. Love pink, and has black curlyish hair but I'm not white lol anyways it was a great book, of course it's Meg Cabot so I knew it would be right!

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