Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dizzy by Cathy Cassidy

Back Cover: Every year she looks forward to only one thing. Not a huge present. Not a fabulous party. Not even a cake. Just a letter, or a small homemade something. It isn't what comes every year, it's who it comes from. Dizzy hasn't seen her mother in eight years, and the only time she hears from her is on her birthday. It's the only thing she has ever been able to count on from her mother her whole life. But this year Dizzy's mom has a surprise for her. and Dizzy will never be the same... So I totally did not know this was kinda like a kid's book until I started reading it and saw that she's 12! But it's ok cuz it was still a really good book that focused on other things teen books don't sometimes as much I guess. With Dizzy's mom being gone and then she gets to go with her to different festivals and live the hippie type of lifestyle. I had a feeling the whole time her dad didn't know and I was right, how her mom, Storm, never sent those postcards. It's really sad actually. And how Dizzy thought her dad didn't miss her! And she learned new things about family there, with Finn and Mouse. It was sad Mouse being all alone like that and then they became a family, but then Mouse and Finn both got burned, that was so sad I was like oh no!!! That's so sad! But I really liked the character and how she's struggling with things and it's like man younger and younger you are having to deal with split parents and changing lifestyles and boys and friends, it's like I never had any of those things going on for me when I was 12 I mean yeah I liked a guy but I mean wow. It was a good book though, I liked it.

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