Sunday, October 25, 2009

Would I Lie to you by Cecily von Ziegesar

Back Cover: Time to throw your hair into a messy pony and cut off your Sevens- we’re heading to the Hamptons! S & B are now co-muses to a super-famous designer, who just happens to live next door to N’s Hamptons estate… I wonder how neighborly these new neighbors are going to get. And what’s this I hear about V venturing surfside? Who’s next, D!? Never say never…Yay, I went to the bookstore and got the next GG! Oh man, of course Serena had to say she loves Nate, but I still think Nate and Blair belong together, and also, why the heck did Serena wait when they were together that whole time before? Well, Dan gay? Hmm I’m agreeing with Vanessa that it’s just another little phrase he’s going through, I mean really, Dan is just weird though haha. And I can’t believe it’s almost the end! The next book is the last one, well then there’s the newer one coming out, but that’s it after that right? SADNESS! I hope Nate can make it to Yale because I mean then Blair and Nate won’t be able to be going to college together and all that, but who knows. This next book is a lot longer, so I can only guess right?!

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