Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Girl Overboard by Aimee Ferris

Back Cover: Swimsuit: check. Flip-flops: check. SCUBA gear: check. Leaving behind a long-time boyfriend: not so easy. Marina has been waiting her whole life to get out on the open sea. And now that she's studying abroad on a luxury yacht in the CAribbean, her dreams are finally coming true. She loves the feel of the sun on her face, the sand between her toes, and the island music swaying over her. And even better, she's getting hands-on marine biology experience swimming alongside dolphins in the Bahamas, sharks in the Bay Islands, and sea turtles in the Dominican Republic! But while her experiences tell her she's in exactly the right place, her boyfriend wants her back home in Vermont. And her distractingly cute Australian boatmate, Link, couldn't disagree more. As the island heat rises, Marina must decide once and for all where her heart is- on land or at sea. This was a great traveling book and I def wish I could go on that cruise! Even with the homework and essays thatd be amazing. The Bahamas!!! Amazing. But Marina is I think a beautiful name and she was a beautiful person. And she deserved someone like Link who actually understands the passion she has for marine life. and the ex bf, forgot his name, oh Damon didn't seem to see that in her and in order for you to be in a relationship ya gotta have equal understanding of each other and each other's passions. The scenery was great. It made me feel like I was there and in another world, especially Dolphins. I've always wanted to go see them and touch them and everything, but I don't swim very week but it'd still be great just to pet them aw! But anyways, it was a fun book. I love these traveling ones too, even though this one didn't have as much background on culture since they were focused on the marine biology, I love learning about different peoples and their way of life. It's great. and fun, isntead of reading boting text books yuck!

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