Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Save the Date by Tamara Summers

Back Cover: Victoria Finnegan to marry Kevin Ork in the Rose Bower of Cynthia Flair Botanical Gardens Sunday, June 17, 3 p.m. Dress: very flowery. yay. Paris Finnegan is marrying Jiro Kuan on the beach at Hunstville National Park Saturday, August 11, 1 p.m. Dress: um... she's not really making me wear overalls RIGHT??? Hideous birdesmaid dress fitting #6 Calm Victoria down Try not to kill Paris Try not to think about wedding planner's hot son Do not date wedding planner's hot son. STOP KISSING WEDDING PLANNER'S HOT SON!!! HAHA Love the back cover like post it note and list type things that I love to do too! Man her sisters are crazy, like Paris screaming that no one cares about her when she'a always steals the attention! And Jack doing all her sisters tons and tons of favors but not getting paid for or any thanks for it! I really do hope I don't act like that when I get married and if I do then someone needs to stop me because I mean really... haha! Bridezilla!!! But Jack is crazy thinking there's some wedding curse, bad things just happen everywhere all the time, not because she brings a date silly girl, and it was so sad when she just told him at the airport that she couldn't go out with him. SAD! I can just imagine a sad guy walking away with his head down and everything aw. But of course in the end they make it through so yay they're cute hehe. And Sofia sounds like an amazing sister, wish I had a sister like her, don't even gots a sister! But yeah, also love the cover too, cute flip flops. I'd def wear those, I wish I was wearing those and at the beach in the summertime right now with a pina colada mmm

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