Monday, October 19, 2009

Nothing Can Keep us Together by Cecily Von Ziegesar

Back Cover: We're nearly done with high school- forever!- but before we head off to the Ivy of our choice we've got plenty to keep us busy: B found S kissing N in the shower. Steamy! Even B can see that S and N would make the hottest couple ever, right? Wrong. B's about to strut down the revenge runway, and I have a front row seat. We'll see if this catfight looks good on the catwalk. Time to hide behind my oversized Chanel sunglasses to watch the show... So wow. First off Nate is not happy! Man he keeps crying and is all moody all of a sudden what is up with that? He's crying more than the girls are, which they never do in the first place anyways! And Nate and Serena, yeah they look great together, but all they have in common is their looks nad having great sex I guess. Then Blair got her a new man, and he's so great to her! I can't wait to see what happens with her and if she goes off to see him in Englad right? And then that was so funny when Jenny met Chuck Bass' cousin at that boarding school haha. But hey now I know how Jenny got sent off to Waverly, which is thenn the It Girl series yay! Vanessa was good to break it off with Aaron cuz they too just have sex in common really, and she loves Dan! They keep going back together, just be with each other already man! But yeah on to the next aha and then after that I gotta bu the next one which means waiting and going onto other books but that's ok. And also might I add the series is amazing! I've slowly been watching it and its def great, i could watch it all in a row I mean yeahh.

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