Saturday, October 10, 2009

Play Me by Laura Ruby

Front Flap: Eddy knows how to play the game. He is, after all, the writer, director, and cameraman- the mastermind, really- behind the hit online TV show Riot Girl 16. When it wins a contest to be aired on MTV (and it obviously will- have you seen the competition?), he'll be famous. Then there's the game of love. Eddy knows all the tricks, and his favorite girls are the ones with fishnets and cherry lipstick and legs up to there. The ones who know he doesn't make any promises. the ones who are cool with it. But as graduation looms, everything and everyone starts deviating from Eddy's master scripy. Never in a million years did he expect to be facing off again with the unapproachable, perfect Lucinda Dulko. For once in his life, he's not in control- and to be with Lucinda, he's willing to get swept up in the game. But what happens to a player when the rules suddenly change? Can Eddy find a way to win it all? Or will get he get played? Hmm, I kinda thought that this was a sequel to good girls, but it isn't! I did like good girls better, but this one was still pretty good! I like getting a change of things and reading from a guy's point of view ya know? I kinda thought it was weird though because they make Eddy seem like a player and all but don't really mention anything he does to be that player. But oh well, it's good for a guy to get a challenging girl to be played on instead of playing on someone else. But I like the cover because it's like the back is out of focus and it's clear in the camera, like that's where the truth is. And his show sounds interesting, but there's so many shows out there kinda like that type of thing. Just like all the thousands of reality shows and like girl catty rich shows haha but some of those are much much better than others, like Gossip Girl season one I bought and started watching it is so great and intense! And I love it, anyways..... good book. But the other was better.

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