Friday, October 16, 2009

I Like it Like That by Cecily Von Ziegesar

Back Cover: Spring Break is here and it's time for S & B to jet out to Sun Valley for plenty of apres-ski hot tub fun. Too bad for those unfortunate few who have to stay in New York and intern among the city's most fabulous glitterati. Back on the slopes, when the ski house is this big, who can keep track of N, and who's sleeping where? So get out your cashmere-lined boots and meet me by the fire! So at first I must admit I was a little rusty. I haven't read the last one before this in a long time and I bought the first season on dvd and have been watching that and obviously it's been different so ya know. I forgot about all these other crazy people like Georgie and Mystery. For some reason I just keep picturing them as being the same person since both of them took away someone else's boyfriend! But it was good to get back into reading the series. It's just so great! And Jenny is pretty crazy to be waiting outside for her boyfriend Leo like that! But hey what do I know right? haha. But it was a great book and I'm already like halfway into the next one! Def intense but yeah!

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