Sunday, October 25, 2009

Philosophy and Real Politics by Raymond Geuss

Front Flap: Many contemporary political thinkers are gripped by the belief that their task is to develop an ideal theory of rights or justice for guiding and judging political action. But in Philosophy and Real Politics, Raymond Geuss argues that philosophers should first try to understand why real political actors behave as they actually do. Far from being applied ethics, politics is a skill that allows people to survive and pursue their goals. To understand politics is to understand the powers, motives and concepts that people have and that shape how they deal with the problems they face in their particular historical situations. Philosophy and Real Politics both outlines a historically oriented, realistic, political philosophy and criticizes liberal political philosophies based on abstract conceptions of rights and justice. The book is a trenchant critique of established ways of thought and a provocative call for change.
Yeah, I had to real this for social and political philosophy. It was definitely one of the harder things I’ve had to read, but I read it all! And I really did read everything in this book, unlike some people who skim it, I actually read everything I’m assigned along with all the reading I do on the side so HA! I am amazing hehe

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