Wednesday, October 21, 2009

South Beach by Aimee Friedman

Back Cover: Hot sand. Hot clubs. Hot guya. What more could two girls want? Try the same guy. Holly: Dream date or bad fate? She wants true love- and a break from her strict parents. Perhaps a spring fling will do? Alexa: Flirting with destiny or flirting with disaster? The guy of her dreams turns out to be the onee boy she can't have. How far is she willing to go? In a place where anything can happen- and does- two former friends are aboutto discover that a chance encounter can lead to the chance of a lifetime. This was a great book! I loved it and def got into it, and it was fun to read something about spring break because I've read alot about summer recently and there's probably more summer books right? Well that spring break was fun sounding fer shure! Holly reminds me of me a little bit, but not a lot I mean I'd be up for partying but I am shy and kinda innocent hehe. But anyways, and Alexa did seem kinda slutty, and it was so funny that the guy they both liked or had they like switched them! And they do seem to fit each other better but I was like OOOO When Holly found out about Diego and Alexa together in that white cabana thing I was like awww. I felt what Holly did ya know? I've read some of Aimee's books before and she's pretty good! But I am kinda failing on my books, well not failing but falling behind! Ahhh! It's so hard to keep up with so much school work and then work and this! But I'm almost there, I can't give up now!

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