Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Debutante by Kathryn Williams

Back Cover: Senior year is supposed to be the best of your high school career. Annie MacRae is gunning for early acceptance to her dream college, has high hopes for her last season on the varsity field hockey team, and is ready for a fantastic year with her boyfriend and best friend. That is, until her parents tell they're moving from Connecticut to... Alabama. Before Annie can say "No way, ya'll," she finds herself in the land of deep fryers, "debs", and worst of all, her grandmother. The cherry on top: if she ever wants to escape back to her comfortable Yankee life, she will have to become a debutante. As in, white-dress-wearing, perfect-manners-practicing, curtsying, girlie-girl. In spite of her distaste for all things deb, Annie spends the year learning to be a lady. And somewhere along the way, she discovers that friends can come from the most unlikley places, and that change is not always a bad thing... Man I only found one picture of the book cover I actually really did read but it was a tiny pic! ARG! Oh welll. But this was a good book. It actually went by really fast like one minute it was winter then it was already springtime haha. But I liked it. I think it'd be really fun to be in a debutante but that'd never happen to me! haha. And it was funny to hear their conversations in Alabaman slang I guess you could call it. Like ya'll. And Annie had this image of how itd be like there but she actually ended up liking it and made a good group of friends along the way. You can't always judge things at first sight. So it's good to know giving people a chance is good. But it was a good book and yeah!

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