Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Fruit of my Lipstick by Shelley Adina

Back Cover: New Yorker Gillian Chang starts her second term at posh Spencer Academy boarding school in San Francisco prepared to focus on her studies, her faith, and her friends- Lissa Manfield and Carly Aragon. she plays half a dozen musical instruments and can recite the periodic table of the elements backwards. She's totally prepared for everything- except love! She's falling hard for Lucas Hayes, a junior who is already aiming at a PhD in physics from Stanford. The problem is, she never seems to be able to measure up and be the girlfriend he wants. He's under a lot of pressure to achieve- maybe that's why he's short-tempered sometimes. But even a thick-skinned girl like Gillian can only take so much. With her heart on the line, Gillian conceals more and more from her friends. So when she's accused of selling exam answers sheets, even Lissa and Carly wonder if it's true. Can Gillian hang on to her integrity- and her faither- when she loses her heart to Lucas? This was a pretty good book. I have read the first one but a while ago! And I like how each book is told from the different girl but she's still within their friends. And all along I had a feeling that it was Lucas who was doing the selling of exams, I just felt it! And I was soo right ha! lol But Gillian def sounds like an amazing friend and she has her troubles too, but she's also really smart and she has really great friends to back her up. even through the fights they stick together and even manage to get closer to Shani. So now I'm gonna read the next book and we'll see how that goes. I bet it'll be about a guy because the first one was with Lissa I think and now Gillian with Lucas so probably Carly with I think his name is Brett? I don't know because I don't read the summary of the book I just wanna read it, not know anything about it! I don't read it until right now when I do the blog actually so yeah! :] moving on.

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