Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Waves by Sharon Dogar

Front Flap: For Hal, now, this summer is different. Sure, he's spending it, as always, with his family at their cottage on the wild west coast of England. But this summer he meets Jackie, beautiful, impetuous Jackie. Lying with her on the beach while she sculpts mermaids from wet sand- it's paradise. Or would be, if only he didn't keep hearing the desperate pleas of his lost sister Charley in his head... For Charley, then, last summer was different. Pete, the impossibly gorgeous surf god, wanted her, she couldn't believe it! To lick the sand off his lips, to let the sun tan the outline of her hand over his heart- she'd do anything to be with him. Even if it meant sneaking out and leaving her tagalong brother Hal behind. Just for one night. How could she have known what would happen by dawn? Set at a beach wehre growing up goes wrong, Waves is a coming-pf-age mystery about first love and tragic loss. About a family drowning in sorrow, and the courageous son struggling against the tide to save them. I don't even know what to say. That was just incredible and heart breaking and emotional and amazing. WOW! I felt it. Alot. How Charley could just sense Hal and how he was confused at first but then kinda let her in, was insane. And Jackie too. And it was just so mysterious. I wanted to know what happened. And it's like when you keep reading and like wanna see whats gonna happen so badly you like stumble across some of the words, like slow down buddy. It's so amazing how just reading words from a book can you make you feel so many emotions. It felt for real, like I was there and I could feel how the others were feeling too. It says the author is a social worker who helps troubled teens. Well she should also be an author, because that made you def hooked. I loved it, and hated it, cuz it was so sad! But at least it was like Charley just wanted to tell her story before leaving. Incredible book.

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