Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Secrets of my Hollywood Life Family Affairs by Jen Calonita

Front Flap: The filming for sure-to-be-blockbuster movie Pretty Young Assasins has wrapped, and teen movie star Kaitlin Burke returns to the life on the set of the prime-time drama Family Affair. After ten season of filming the hit TV show, Kaitlin thought that she could see any curveballs coming, but with a plotting new actress on set, all bets are off. The new diva, Alexis, makies even Kaitlin's long-time nemesis Sky seem like a puppy in comparison. Can Kaitlin keep her sane boyfriend, her insane job, and her composure in the face of this new star power? Loved it again! I knew that Alexis was bad news from the start. Man she got on my nerves, haha. I love these books because it makes you get to see a taste of what a young star's life is like, and how everyone wants something from the other side. She wants to be a normal teen sometimes, thinking about going to college and drivers ed and taking the SAT with everyone. But then normal teens wanna know what being an A-list celeb is like! That world is crazy and is something I def dont mind not being in. But anyways, I loved it! Kaitlin is an amazing character. And I love how Laney is always in ALL CAPS AND YELLING ABOUT PEOPLE DRIVING NEARY!!!! lol Matty is cool too. And her and Austin are so cute together! Time for the last one. I hope not last. I'm not sure if there's another coming out. I gotta look that up!

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