Friday, August 28, 2009

Rhymes with Witches by Lauren Myracle

Back Cover: Jane is invisible. She can walk down the hallways of her high school without being noticed by anyone- not the jocks, the stoners, the debaters, the drama geeks, the cheerleaders, and especially not the Bitches, the school royalty. Made up of one girl from each class, the Bitches are so popular that no one can help but worship them. Ever. Miraculously, though, the Bitches do notice Jane, and seem to be testing her for the freshman place in their group- she just has to want it more than she's ever wanted anything. And Jane does. But the Bitches are not what they seem, and the price they ask for popularity may be more than Jane is willing to pay. HAHAHA. This book was funny/creepy/good. The thing with the cats is so random, but must say it's original. And how Jane has to steal from someone each week to stay with the Bitches and be popular is kinda weird. So is all that stuff they discovered in the closet. but I'm glad she didn't end up being a Bitch until the end, becaus she is better off! It's just like Mean Girls ot other books like Private where they take up a new girl. But in Private she like goes back and forth but then again that's a series and this is one book so ya know. But yeah I liked it. A def fast read too.

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