Friday, August 14, 2009

Back in Black by Zoey Dean

Back Cover: Anna and her friends decide to blow off the senior class trip to Washington D.C., and head to Vegas for a glamorous three-day vacation. They check into the ultra-luxe Palms hotel and the wildness begins before they have a chance to unpack their Tuff Betty carpetbags. The girls have a tacky Las Vegas fashion contest, and Cammie pulls a stunt that's outrageous even by Cammie standards. Then everyone visits a hypnotist-to-the-stars. While they are spellbound, the gang reveals their deepest, darkest secrets and learns firsthand why Vegas is called Sin City! Of course I loved it! Especially Vegas duh, just went there this summer although not old enough to gamble or drink but next time I will! Anyways, all I know is, Anna has def not gotten over Ben, so I was glad when they decided to try it out again at the end. They seem so right for each other! And with Cammie and Adam seems so sweet, that a bitch like that can be so real on the inside. And with Parker is crazy. He's been living a lie! But Sam now knows, thank goodness Cammie wasn't the one to find out. And Dee, she's just weird. But this group of people feel so real because there are people like them! It was good.

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