Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thwonk by Joan Bauer

A.J. is a photographer. She totally has fallen for Peter. So then when out of nowhere this stuffed cupid comes to life, his name is Johnathan. And he tells her he can help her either in her academic life or photograpy and then there's a third option that he advises her not to pick, which is love. But she's so infatuated with Peter she picks the love choice. And so Johnathan strikes Peter with an arrow and he's in love with A.J. But it's getting to be too much! Sometimes when you get what you wish, it's not everything you thought it was! So Johnathan leaves her, and she's going crazy with everyone inviting them to different parties and doing this and that. So what is she supposed to do? Is this how it's always gonna be? I thought it was kinda cute and alright. Def Hope was Here was WAY better book. but yeah it was ok.

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