Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disenchanted Princess by Julie Linker

West wants to be a fashion designer. She lives in L.A. of course, but her mom died and her dad is in prison. So, this summer this lady, supposedly her mom's sister, gets custody of her. She has to move to Possum Grape, Arkansas. WTH! Where Sherri, her mom's sister has some crazy tactics for life. And the school is beat up, there's no Starbucks. No internet. But then she meets Sophie, who is a really nice girl and someone she can relate to. She can sew and make designs also. So even though she still hates the town, she makes friendships. But all the while trying to get back to her big party at home. She just runs away to the airport, but then gets an offer from a new designer in Texas. So now she's back in Possum Grape, but it's not so bad anymore. With her making clothes and being with Steven. This was def refreshing book from the last two I've read. I love the style because it's so alike probably how lots of girls think. It's quirky and fun.

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