Friday, May 8, 2009

Swimming to Antarctica Tales of a Long-Distance Swimmer by Lynne Cox

This is the life story of Lynne Cox. Throught the book is all her stories of the swims she completed. Starting out when she was 12 and swimming in the pool, during the rainstorm, and knowing she wanted to do something great one day. She ended up swimming across many channels and straits and lakes. Beating record times and being the first to swim across others. She had to endure cold water, waves, and sea animals. She made countries come together, including the Soviet Union and the United States, by getting permission to swim from Alaska to their shore. And her ultimate goal was swimming in Antarctic water for half an hour in 32 degree water for 1.06 miles. It was a great book. Some parts were a little boring, kinda like the same. But it was really intense and she is definitely an amazing person. The things she did were unbelievable.

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