Monday, May 18, 2009

A Not so Simple Life by Melody Carlson

Maya Stark is not having a great life. Her mom, Shannon, is a big train wreck. She constantly leaving for nights in a row, coming back wasted or drunk. And it keeps happening. Maya is living off of the check her dad sends. Who is the famous Nick Stark, and is currently on tour. But she can't take living like this anymore. Her cousin Kim gives her this diary to write in. Maya decides she needs to make a living for herself and tries to find a job. She goes from a little boutique, to Ralph Lauren, to modeling, not liking any of it, but doing it for the money. She eventually wants to get emancipated. But then it's all she can take, she goes on tour with her dad for a little while, then over to her cousin Kim's house. Things start imporving for her and accepts God back into her life. I liked this book. It was really sad how she was living her life, and I'm sure there are girls her age or maybe even younger having to go through a crazy family like that. It was emotional and raw, and now I'm off to read the second one!

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