Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Know You Love Me by Cecily Von Ziegesar

Blair wants to lose her virginity with Nate. But it hasn't been working out well. She finds out that her mom and Cyrus are gonna get married, on her birthday! But then she makes plans to lose it with Nate in the hotel suite. Dan is just as obssessed with Serena, but he's actually getting to hang out with her, kinda freaking her out after a while, especially with the poem. Jenny meets Nate and they hit it off. While Blair goes to Yale with her new stepbrother for her interview, but toally messes it up when the night before smokes and drinks junk food then wakes up late. While Nate and Serena and Dan go to Brown for their interviews. Then the wedding comes, and all these relationships switch it up. Blair sees Jenny and Nate together. So then Serena goes to comfort Blair and they hang out. While Dan is with Vanessa. Oh boy, here we go. Ha, I read this book in an hour and 40 minutes! crazy huh? But it's good, like always. Love the gossip in it, but def don't come from a life like that. I was feeling really sad though when Blair caught Nate with Jenny. She was dreaming pretty big though. But we'll see what happens next whenever i get the next book in the series!

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