Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lucky by Cecily Von Ziegesar

Everyone is held up about this fire in the barn! There's a list sent out of all the suspects. And all those suspects are fending for themselves, trying to get alibis and people to back them up. Because they're all ready to be up against Dean Marymount. Meanwhile, Jenny gets her heart broken again, when she finds out about Tinsley and Julian. Brett is even more confused about her sexual orientation, when she finds out another juicy secret. While Callie and Easy are having the time of their lives, well mostly. But Tinsley has a plan to get Jenny expelled, and it works, but shortly after, Jenny returns, and everyone is stumped. This was great! Man they're all crazy though. Especially Tinsley. Cecily Von Ziegesar has a great way of writing down words to make you feel like that person is, that Jenny is a bad person, or whatever, It's crazy, on to the next one. I better find some more books after this cuz I'm flying through em!

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