Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sanctuary by Meg Cabot

Jessica has psychic powers. When she sees a picture or touches something of someone's she can see where they are, if they're missing. It's Thanksgiving and she wants to go to her boyfriend's Rob's house. Before she leaves though, Dr. Thompkins comes over and asks if she's seen Nate around. But on her way back from Rob's, Nate is found in the field and he's dead with this weird symbol on his chest. Then the synagogue gets burned down, along with the Torah. And Krantz is trying to get Jessica to help out, because Seth has gotten kidnapped. So she goes on this adventure to take out the group of people who did all this. And in the end saves Seth, while Rob and Krantz end up in the hospital, but ok. And she rethinks about joining the FBI to help save missing kids. It was a good book. I totally didn't know there were like 3 or 4 before this one and it was part of a series, but oh well. It was interesting and cool. I like reading about weird psyhic stuff sometimes haha.

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