Friday, May 15, 2009

Invisible Touch by Kelly Parra

Kara has a gift. She sees signs on people's chests, that could lead to something tragic to happen to that perosn. It all started when she was out in the ocean with her dad, while she survived and he didn't. But she was dead for eleven minutes then came back to life. Her mom is still trying to get her to see Dr. Hathaway and thinking she can't handle it. But Kara knows what she's doing. But it's a lonely life. So she starts a blog to talk about herself. Her best friend and her don't talk beyond things on the surface, but they both learn new things about each other. And Kara meets Anthony, who her mom doesn't approve of. But Kara can't help but start to love him. And this "gun" puzzle is getting even more confusing. In the end she figures out all the clues and even learns some new things about her family and Anthony. I thought it was really. Books like this are so intriguing and interesting. So much loneliness must come from someone who could be like that. But it was a great book with a realistic type family and parties and all of that.

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