Friday, May 29, 2009

Unforgettable by Cecily Von Ziegesar

Jenny has just broke it off with Easy, and her and Callie have made a pact to forget about him. While Brett decides to make the Women of Wavery (WoW) club, to talk about things they want, only girls allowed. But of course Heath Ferrero gets involved and comes to the meeting too. Just to prove a point about kissing and going no farther, Brett kisses Kara, but then it actually feels good. They're both not sure about it, but secretly kiss again and Heath sees. He promises to keep it a secret if they send him pictures of them. Will he really keep his promise? Meanwhile Tinsley is getting a crush on Jillian, but little does she know that Jillian and Jenny have a thing going on too. And then there's this party they have at the barnyard and alot of crazy shit goes down. I loved it, I kinda was zoned out for a little at the begininng cuz I haven't read the other 3 in a while but then I got right back into, and I have the last three of the series to read too, can't wait for the next one coming out June 1st! woohoo. Why's there always a bad girl? jeeZ! haha

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