Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a Green Thing by Melody Carlson

Maya is starting out her new life, living with her cousin Kim and her Uncle Allen. She recently opened up to God and has lots of questions to ask. Thank goodness Caitlyn is there to answer those questions and guide her through it all. Maya hangs out with Marissa, who isn't a Christian girl and likes to drink and party, even though she has to do community service all summer because of just that. Her mom, Shannon is in jail while her dad is still on tour. She ends up liking this guy Dominic, but is unsure of how to act around him. And then this girl Brooke who worked with her and a few others on a painting of a mural, ends up falling and getting a supposed spinal injury. And Maya finds to hard to believe she's a Christian. But in the end she finds herself, and decides to go to her senior year at the high school. And knows God will be there with her. I liked this book too, and I went through it pretty fast. But it has really good questions and answers having to do with trusting God. I also love the green tips, cuz I'm def for helping save the Earth. Loved it.

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