Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blonde Ambition by Zoey Dean

Anna gets to be an intern for the new show Hermosa Beach. And while she's at that, she's being with Ben. Who makes her feel amazing, but she's also starting to like Danny, a writer whose there at the set with her, and there's Adam who she hasn't really told him about Ben yet. So, Anna is just stacking up on the boys. While Cammie is feeling left out, because her best friend Sam hasn't been wanting to hang or call out recently, and is having more fun with Anna. Same thing with Dee too. So she starts to try to get Adam, but ends up actually liking him, what are the odds. But she's tired of Anna ruining her life, so she does something crazy, but then is caught and ends up getting her credit cards and BMW taken away, while Anna is leaving open the possibility of being with Danny. I thought it was good. I really did think Anna was kinda crazy for all the boys, which doesn't really seem like her but hey, people get caught up in the Hollywood life right? Can't wait to buy the next one!

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