Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good Girls by Laura Ruby

Audrey is at a party, and Luke, someone she's been "friends with benefits" with takes her up to a room. She decides this is the last time to hook up, so she gives him a blow job, but both of them don't notice that a picture is taken. And then everyone sees it and knows it's her. One person sends it to the next and they send it to everyone they know and now everyone ha seen it. Her mom is trying to have these sex talks with her, while her dad is kinda ignoring her. But Audrey is a good girl, who studies hard and gets all A's. Her best friend Joelle and AShley, now known as Ash, are furious too. But Audrey decides to change her hair color, because a girl at the salon convinced her to. And then when Ash gets mad at Audrey, she starts sitting with Pam and Cindy, who she never really liked before, then they just all become friends. So, will Audrey ever find out who took that picture of her? I thought it was good. And that it could totally happen! It's sucky how one little thing can change your whole high school life or any life at all. But I thought it was an up to date book and would like to read the otoher book she wrote too.

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