Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hope was Here by Joan Bauer

Hope. But her mom named her Tulip, what kinda of name is that? But she is a waitress and lives with her aunt, Addie. Her mom visits every now and then with some good waitressing tips, but that's about it. The same Christmas card every year. All that. Hope is used to moving around. But she had a great place in New York, until someone stole all their money and they had to move to Wisconsin to help. They end up going to Welcome Stairways. A diner owned by G.T Stoop. Throughout the book, Hope and Addie become a part of the town. And then G.T decides he wants to run for mayor against Eli, whose been in office already 8 years. The campaign goes on and Eli is trying to destroy G.T, whose battling leukimia. I thought thid book was def inspirational and had a great storyline. It just reelend me right in. I like reading books about small towns, and how those relationships work so much differently than in big cities. And I love how they talk about different food and everyhing haha. It's def a book you should read, just like all the ones I read right? haha

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  1. I've been meaning to read this-I probaly should soon. Nice post!
    btw: I loce chris brown's music too! Poppin is one of my faves even though my sisters tease me for liking it. :-D
    Award for you at my site...


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