Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Notorious by Cecily Von Ziegesar

Tinsley is back! So now it's Tinsley, Brett, Callie and Jenny all in the same room, seems intense. Well Easy officially breaks up with Callie, is it for Jenny? Tinsley makes sure that Callie won't go through that, she can be a good friend, just a bitch too haha. Brett is distracted by Mr. dalton, but he breaks it off, and then going to New York with Tinsley, where she sees Jenny and Easy together. Word goes around fast. They start this cafe society, which is a secret society of girls with no boyfriend, being glamorous. They decide to have a pizza party and invite the pizza boy in, Angelo. They play spin the bottle and Jenny has to kiss him, but doesn't want to. Later Tinsley has something up her sleeve hmm. Heath decides to have a big party in two suites next to each other, but then the Dean finds out and their punshiment is now they have to be in 2 separate rooms. Brett and Tinsley in one Callie and Jenny in the other. They're just getting started. I liked this book, I love how they always have to say the name of the stuff they're wearing like the designers and colors. But that's cool, I learned some new ones from that fashionista talk haha. But can't wait for the 3rd one which I'm reading next!

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