Friday, April 24, 2009

Partiers Preferred by Randi Reisfeld

Jared is supposed to be at summer school getting his grades up, but instead he's at his uncle's house. And he finds 4 room mates to live with and pay rent to him. Lindsay, his exgirlfriend, Eliot and Nick who are coming from Michigan, and Sara from Texas. Then Naomi comes into the picture later, whose a mysterious girl who was on the streets when Sara found her. Sara and Lindsay are both trying to be come actresses and try out for the role of Cherry. Nick wants to be a male model but at his job, it's not what he thought it was. And Eliot is taking summer classes. And all of these people are living under the same roof. Of course some drama unfolds and who would have thought, an earthquake. But in the end it turns out for the better, of course. I thought it was ok. I mean, it wasn't as like fluid in the words as other books. It didn't come to me as smoothly, but I still enjoyed reading it. It was alright.

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