Thursday, April 23, 2009

Estrella's Quinceanera by Malin Alegria

Estrella, or "Star" as her friends call her does not want a quinceanera. She is on scholarship to this private school and her two friends there Christie and Sheila. At school and when she hangs with them she tries to be someone she's not. Meanwhile at home her mom is planning a big quinceneara for Estrella and it's not going over so well. She also meets Speedy, who she went to elementary school with. With school, Speedy, and her family all of this makes her go crazy. Especially her two ex best friends Izzy and Tere, who won't talk to her because she blew them off for Christie and Sheila. But in the end Estrella figures out how important family and tradition is and puts together her own quinceanera that makes her happy and feel loved. I liked this book. I like seeing how other cultures work and reading this gives a sense of what goes through this big 15th birthday. Like how we have sweet 16! It's genuine and real and I like the author. I read another one of her books recently. Good read fo sho.

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