Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Huge by Sasha Paley

April saved up all her money to attend the Wellness Canyon camp, or "fat camp". While Wil, the daughter of two fitness crazed parents had no choice to go. They beocme room mates and their presence with one another is very limited. They book think Colin is hott, so they make a challenge to see who gets to him first. Wil seems to be always so negative, while April is pining to become friends with Jessica and Marci, who really aren't that fat and seem to be like the popular group there. But they found out that Colin is a jerk and plan something to get back at him. All the while they're getting to be better friends without even knowing it. They have team activities with two other guys, Paul and Dave. At the end of the summer, both have lost weight, but an incident occurs where they end up being mad at each other. But both realize in the end that they want each other as friends and forgive. Each comes out with a new best friend. I thought this was an amazing book! I loved it, like the beginning of every chapter had either April's or Wil's food and what exercises they did. I'm not really fat, but I totally have gained weight, so I like reading about other people's stories and how they deal with things, compared to myself and other people. But I like it and that picture on the cover is like damn no one could put their mouth around that! haha

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