Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

Lauren has the perfect boyfriend, Dave. He's sweet, understanding, smart, has awesome parents, good at everything! And her best friend Katie is going out with Marcus, Dave's best friend. What could be better? Nothing right? But she's unhappy! And then the son of one of her dad's ex girlfriends, Evan, reappears in her life. And he's the one she's lusting after, not Dave. So she gets wrapped up into these two lives. Of being with Evan and how happy is makes her, but also with Dave because he's secure and safe. But what will shd decided to do? This was a good book! I'm not sure why it's called bloom, maybe because the last sentence his smiles blooms or something like that. But i like the cover. :] This is my book number 91!

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