Monday, April 6, 2009

The It Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar

So, Jenny is going to attend Waverly Academy. She ends up rooming with the two girls who were best friends with Tinsley, with some scandal about her leaving. Brett and Callie are their names. Brett is going out with Jeremiah (i think or Jeremy I forgot haha) but then gets the hots for a new Disciplinary Committee head. Callie is going out with Easy, but then Easy starts liking Jenny and vice versa. Jenny wants to get out of the mess that she got into at her old school, but it seems she's being sucked back in. And then Tinsley comes back, will there be enough room for all 4 of them? Loved it! I totally didn't even realize it was the Jenny from the Gossip Girls until like halfway through haha but hey ive only read the first gossip girls haha. But it was good, kinda reminded me of the private series, but there are lots of differences. Woohoo I have the next 4 in the series so it's exciting! :]

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