Saturday, April 11, 2009

Skinny by Ibi Kaslik

Giselle is anorexic. She has a sister, Holly, whose younger than her. Her dad is dead. Her mom is alive. The book goes between Giselle and Holly. Giselle is battling herself and her anorexia, while questioning why her dad hated her and love Holly the best. Holly is a runner and sees how Giselle acts. Sol is Giselles's boyfriend I guess, but he likes Holly too. Giselle convinces herself that all the men in her life love Holly more. What happens to Giselle in her own battle? Wow, this book was def interesting. It was kinda of weird at points, but I guess it's in the view of someone whose anoerexic and so it's how they would feel. It's so sad because she like has her evil side talking to her and then she talks back. She wants to eat and does but then her evil side makes her throw it back up or not eat at all. It's a good book though.

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