Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go Figure by Jo Edwards

Ryan is the fat girl. But so is her best friend Chelsea, so she feels some type of contentment with that. Her exboyfriend Noah turned into some national popstar! So now she's known as Noah's ex. She takes Zoloft and goes to a psychologist/psychiatrist who gives her a goal every week to accomplish. But she's so caught up in her fat. One of her other best friend Kimberlee is so gorgeous and thin. But Kimberlee knows the truth that everyone has problems. That people who are fat wanna be skinny but people who are skinny sometimes wanna be a little more full, and not be payed attention to all the time. But Ryan is fighting with herself in her senior year of high school. And what about Josh, whose been starting to talk to her more. They're both in this exclusive photography class. And Chelesea is acting weird. But this is her senior year and she's gotta live it up! I thought it was alright. I mean typical type of book. I mean I just like reading stories, sometimes they are alot similar, but it's ok with me. Haha, I kinda suck with reviews. I just like telling someone what the book is about and ya know, sometimes some books have more umph than others, but yeah. Not a waste of time though.

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