Saturday, April 18, 2009

No Shame, No Fear by Ann Turnbull

Susanna is a young Quaker girl who wants to leave her family so she can find work. Her dad is in prison for standing up to what they believe. She ends up finding a job with a lady named Mary who owns a printing shop. Then there's William, or Will, whose the son of a wealthy man and wants him to go on a apprenticeship for 7 years. But William then falls in love with Susanna. This causes both of them much strain. But Susanna learns that she has it within her to stand up to those constables and police and show her love to God. They have meetings but then the Parliament makes it illegal. Will's dad doesn't want his son to be medling with that girl. The book is told by both Susanna and Will. What will happen to their love? I loved it! It was a change of teen books haha. But it was really good and there's a second one which i should totally go find! It just had good emotions and also like history in it.

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  1. :O I wanna read this now. It sounds amazing! Good review. Keep it up.


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