Friday, December 4, 2009

The New Sisters by Kate Harmon

Back Cover: So far, college life at Latimer University has been everything Jenna, Roni, and Lora-Leigh expected.They've already made close friends, caught the eye of a few hot frosh boys, and participated in sorority recruitment. As if it were meant to be, all three found home in the Zeta Zeta Tau sorority. Now Roni hopes to be the most perfect ZZT in history, while Lora-Leigh can barely believe how quickly she went from cynic to sorority new member! Jenna is just as excited to be in the sorority, but she also has classes to study for, a nasty roommate to put up with, and a marching band scholarship to uphold. How's a girl suppossed to appease everyone and everything- not to mention strike up a romance with an adorable fraternity boy- all the while keeping her diabetes hidden? Lora-Leigh and Roni are there for her, but ZZT initiation is on the horizon and Jenna must decide is she really trusts her new sisters enough to share her secret... This was a great book! It's been like a really long time since I read the first one so of course I kinda forgot the girls but then I remembered pretty easily! I don't know why Jenna didn't want to tell the other girls about her diabetes. What's wrong with that, it's not like you asked to get it or something, your body has it, but you can still have fun and do normal things, just gotta be a little more careful. I know if I got diabetes I'd probably cry and not like it since sugar is like my best friend haha but I would still tell people so they can be aware of my condition, but thats me. Besides that those family feuds are pretty rough! I cna't imagine having fights like that with my family, but I guess their families are different, especially Roni who didn't turn out all perfect like her parents wanted. Screw that! Whatsup with parents wanting to control our lives? damn. And that initiation wasn't too bad, but some are weird sounding. We don't have sororities and fraternities at PLU, but I'm glad cuz then everyone would be all like cliquey, and sometimes they already are so not good, plus it's so little like half the people or more would be in it. But anyways about the book, it was really good and now I'm gonna read the next one! It's actually about girls in college, like my level not high schoolers haha.

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