Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Formal by Kate Harmon

Back Cover: As newly initiated Zeta Zeta Tau sorority sisters, Jenna, roni, and Lora-Leigh are ready to tackle spring semester at LU- especially with Greek Week and the ZZT Formal to look forward to. Roni is helping plan the sorority's formal, and she wants it to be the most romantic and beautiful dance yet. But nothing seems to go her way with the planning, and boyfriend Lance is totally unsympathetic. Lora-Leigh and Jenna are supportive, but then Jenna has her own boyfriend worries. Could the Formal be the perfect opportunity to take her relationship with Tiger to the next level? And while Jenna and the rest of the ZZTs plan for Formal, Lora-Leigh is keeping a secret, one that could take her far away from LU- and her ZZT sisters- forever. There's a lot on the line for each of the three best friends; but when it comes to ZZT, sisterhood will always see them through. Great book once again! And it's in college yay. I can relate to being so busy, although I'm not in a sorority and I'm not in band, but I do have a job haha. But man those girls be doing alot of things! A sorority like that does sound kinda fun with all your sisters being there for you and the formal sounded great! Some days I just feel like going out and dancing to some intense adrenaline inspired music! But it doesn't really happen sadly. Let's see... Jenna has some serious thinking to do about losing her virginity but at least she is in college and older! And she ended up doing it with Tiger, but hey if she really felt that special connection then that's good. Lora-Leigh actually made it to FIT after LU which is really great. Dang she is always making new clothes and everything, they should add pictures! And DeShawn made it to the NFL that'd be crazy to know someone who made it to the NFL! And then Roni just had to do Formal all by herself which sounds very stressful plus the problem with Lance. Lance apologized and lala but we'll see what's gonna go down with him. I don't think there's another book after this? But if there is I def want to read it and if not I hope she does another one!

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