Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Earth, My Butt, & other BIG Round Things by Carolyn Mackler

Back Cover: Virginia Shreeves has a larger-than-average body and a bus-size inferiority complex. She lives on the Web, snarfs junk food, and obeys the "Fat Girl Code of Conduct". Then there are the other Shreveses: Mom is an exercise fiend and a successful adolescent psychologist; Dad, when not jet-setting, or golfing in Connecticut, ogles skinny women on TV; and older siblings Byron and Anais are slim, brillant, and impossible to live up to. Delete Virginia, and the Shreveses are a picture-perfect family... until a phone call changes everything. I thought this was a great book because Virginia is so relatable in the things that she does and feels. I can't imagine my om being a psychologist I mean that's crazy! And not being able to be herself because of comparisons to others and pressure from her parents I'm sure many girls go through that stage in life. It's sad because you think these few years are like the defining things in your life but later on you can become so successful and be happy and look back like wth! But it's in the moment of course. And that was so brave of her to just buy those tickets and go to Seattle, but I'm glad she did to do something she wanted to do after begging her parents so much. and it was so funny she mentions Mt. Rainter and the Space Needle yay! Haha, I'm so used to the mountain I don't even think of other people thinking it's weird like my room mate from last year did! haha. Normal to us northwesterners haha but I really liked it and in the end she didn't have to become anorexic or anything she accepted who she was and tried to stay healthy by doing an activity that she liked and dressing better. Go her!

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