Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Devious by Cecily Von Ziegesar

Back Cover: Everyone at elite Waverly Academy actually look forward to the freezing month of January: it's Jan Plan, four blissful weeks when cool independent projects replace hectic schedules and boring classes. Wild weeknight parties, late-night trips to the crater, and plenty of time to gossip about it all? Yes, please! Jenny Humphrey can't wait to start her solo art project. But the real masterpiece is Isaac Dresden, the new dean's gorgeous son, who's taken an interest in Jenny's painting... and her. Tinsley Carmichael has a new friend, too: Isaac's out-of-control sister, Isla. The two girls are a match made in hell, and heir racy photo project has the whole school talking. Too bad tinsley's boyfriend, Julian McCafferty, disapproves of their kind of"art". Exes Callie Vernon and Brandon Buchanan are thrown together on a psychology experiment about the origins of true love. And they might just be the best subjects... Without the structure of real classes, the Waverly Owls are bound to find crazy ways to entertain themselves. Now who said school wasn't fun? Def another amazing book to add onto the collection. I love how they have this Jan Plan and at PLU we have J-Term, although you don't get to do fun stuff like them, but it's a time where lots of people study abroad though! But I'm taking stats how fun boo haha anyways, this was a fun book. Isla is def trouble, and she's the dean's son man! I guess that's how she's always been according to Isaac, who is def not helping Jenny although he thinks he is, since she's getting special treatment from the dean himself with h er solo art project. And sadly they didn't mention Heath! It was weird without him around, just a few times his little log of what was going on showed up but it def got worse each time and then at the end of course he gets to the party just in time with Easy along and Easy saves Isla from probably dying or being very injured because she fell through a window. And then Isla blames Insley, uh oh. And Easy's appearance shocks everyone, especially Callie who was starting to get cozy with Brandon. Def drama coming up in the next one. It's amazing, this is what the 9th book and they're only in January of Jenny's first year there man it's great! I don't want them to end soon! It seems as if lots of series end after like 10 or 11 books!

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